The game engine


The first FFX Runner game was made in the first years of the century, at that time we was using Macromedia Director because we were occupied in making CD-Roms for publishers. Macromedia came out with its own 3D engine and it was possible to export contents for the web in its compact format named Shockwave. It was never an edge blading engine, neither in its young, but for the kind of products we wished to do it was good enough. Now, fifteen years later Shockwave player is almost unsupported and it’s fading away quite fast. Time to time we had to face with the choice of a new Engine. This time the candidates were Unreal because its spectacular rendering capabilities on one hand and in the other Godot because it’s promising. The winner was Godot, its rendering engine is not powerful as Unreal but it’s much lighter, it’s editor runs smoother on all platform, it don’t features a visual programming language who scares me, but a more comfortable python-like script language, and a very nice node based structure that makes possible to break large projects in sub-scenes. So here we are.

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