Third car… don’t turn the shoulders at this little puppy!


It seems that something strange has happened to this little bobcat … Now it has become a Werewolf! This mutation makes it able to rollover and chew you like a sandwich. Its jaws create substantial damage. Attention! Run away quickly.

For these models take me much time to the concept and realization. I try to do as quickly as possible but sometimes it’s hard, there is much work to do. Always forward.

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"@reduzio sweet! really needed"
"@alejo9719 very slowly at the moment because we have to finish others projects first"
"@nunodonato @reduzio often a single color is not enough for make to gracefully disappear tall objects like building…"
"@reduzio what about an option for blending objects affected by the fog with the skybox/panorama? It would be useful for outdoor scenes"
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