Introducing the Robodog


Here a new enemy vehicle from Clelio. The idea for this model has come as a joke while talking on FB and commenting some photos oa a strange “cyber-punk byke”. After a few days Clelio has come with this model quite done. The model here shown is in still in hi polygons, it was painted on Poypaint and modelled on Zbrush, so, now he has to retopo of the geometry on 3Dcoat and the bake of the textures by using Xnormal.




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"@alejo9719 very slowly at the moment because we have to finish others projects first"
"@nunodonato @reduzio often a single color is not enough for make to gracefully disappear tall objects like building…"
"@reduzio what about an option for blending objects affected by the fog with the skybox/panorama? It would be useful for outdoor scenes"
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