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Hello everybody, we are just back from Milan where we was for the Game Over Underground Festival that was hosted inside the picturesque buildings of the Leoncavallo S.P.A (Spazio Pubblico Autogestito) . We meet nice people, some of them was, some month ago, at the Svilupparty event too, there was a lot of fresh and interesting projects and many talented young independent developers. The event was opend to the people, so we had the way of observing the reaction of the user while playing to our game, we got very precious suggestions from that. Here below some pictures of the two days.


20160924_152702  photo_2016-09-26_17-19-28



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"@mux213 cool!"
"@mux213 I would say the time spent on terrain is not wasted at all :-)"
"@mux213 so you are in Italy and you don't tell me anything? :-D"
"@mux213 will be possible varying the texture of the particles too?"
"@mux213 awesome, it would be even better if you could add some randomness in the grass particles"
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